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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Is In The Air!

You will know when spring comes because all the angelic, flowy dresses, tops and skirts pops out everywhere!

Ruffled Back Chiffon Vest
I love spring fashion because it's sexy but decent at the same time. An example is this top from SeeSaw Playground. It looks plain from the front but at the back, voila!

And this classy top from The It Girl. If it's summer, it will be paired with a pair of shorts with the a belly piercing. If it's winter, a cardigan. For spring, this is the perfect ensemble.
Grecian beauty from Pink N Proper. Enough said.
A dainty lacey piece that I personally covet from I Wear Sin. Look at the details. Swoons~

Not to forget, maxi dresses. This one is from Mango Orangie.

Another maxi dress, this time from Supermodel Wardrobe. Looks like something I can wear to a wedding dinner. On second thought, maybe not. I wont want to be mistaken for the bride. =P

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