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Monday, May 27, 2013

Does your work place feel like a prison today?

The Monday after a long weekend is hard to bear. It feels like prison.
Black and white striped dress from Twenty 3. Would make the ugliest prisoner beautiful. If the said prisoner is a woman, that is.

Wonder how this pair of pants would look like on a guy. Will it look as good as it does on the model from 6th Sense?

A playful outfit from our childhood but with a sexy twist. From Little Bit.
How about going for the androgynous look with this button up shirt from Whitesoot?

That top from Whitesoot is too baggy for your taste? Then show off your curves with this body hugging top from Sweet Grocery!

Stripe Half Cup Full SwimSuit
I guess the only people who can wear this piece from Motte Closet to work are beach life guards? Pool cleaners? Models?

Tuesday coming right up! 

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