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Saturday, January 21, 2012

the end of Versus

Hey guys! It's been nearly a year since i started this blog and i would like to thank all of you for your support and lluurrrvvee! Haha!

I am going to stop blogging starting today because I am going to start my Housemanship after Chinese New Year (on the 8th day of CNY, actually). Sigh. I rather be a housewife la but no millionaire want me so I've got to work. Where? Hopefully in the hospital of my choosing : Sarawak General Hospital!! wohoo!! so keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me!

A little bit about this blog? Hm, lets see. i started the blog when i was studying in Indonesia and continued it after my graduation cos i was happily bumming around. But now, jeng jeng jeng jeng, i've got to work like a dog and i doubt i can keep up with the online shopping community. *sobs* my working hours are called 'the flexi system' so most days i'll be working from 5am to 8pm. the hours are longer in east msia cos apparently we dont have enough doctors here (lucky west msians!)

So, an advice before i leave: do your own comparison before buying stuffs online. dont be hasty! and remember to look at the measurements carefully. don't just look at the pretty models (there sure are lots of them!) and buy without checking the sizes! and remember to check the terms & conditions for free postage! that's more than one advice, but oh well, the more the merrier!

Thank you so much for all your mails (even those stupidly sarcastic ones like 'i wanna sue u for copyright cos u are using my intellectual property - riiight, u know wad is intellectual property or not? it's definitely not ur photo or link). I prefer happy mails that ask for reviews or gives me tips or encouragements. Still, it was an enjoyable time.

I want to end this blog by wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the dragon and that means prosperity, health and wealth, good stuff and um, more good stuffs! =P


  1. omgosh this is such sad news
    i love this blog!
    i love how it get updated so many times a day
    whenever i wanna buy something online, i make sure i visit this site to ensure im getting the better bargain

  2. Hey VERSUS!

    Wishing you all the best in your future and hope you get your placement~
    Thank you for always taking the time to do your reviews and write ups
    May the new year bring you lots of happiness prosperity and good luck as well!


  3. Hope you have a hectic but rewarding life ahead of you.
    Housemanship, I've heard is very difficult so kuddos on your efforts.

    I love your concept of this blog and it definitely help me in many ways imaginable.
    Thank you and good luck!

  4. Best of luck in your future undertakings. Don't be discouraged by negativity - they usually stem from other people's own insecurities. Your blog will be missed! You did good work here.

  5. Awww. I just got acquainted with you! Anyways, definitely hope you get wherever you wanted to be, and be whoever you want to be. All the best. Let us know if you're planning on coming back online! :) Looking forward to that~

  6. On a personal note, I'm happy for u, but to be honest, I love ur blog cuz it puts things into perspective in one simple click! Would ur siblings be interested to take over this blogspot? ;)

    I wish u all the best, still keeping u on my list & hoping u will change ur mind one day. Cheers!