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Friday, April 15, 2011

1 2 3 (updated on 27th April 2011)

Peep RM49 (all sold and reserved)   VS   Lush Doodles RM62   VS   Somewear Over the Rainbow RM70 (updated on 16th April)

Peep RM49  (all sold and reserved)   VS   Lush Doodles RM62

Marshmallow Grenade RM30   VS   Cherry Saucer RM35

Phat Culture RM55   VS   Skinny Heels RM60   VS   Le Mode Maison RM49 (updated on 27th April)

Credits to Miss SZ:

The Pretty Wardrobe RM45 (sold out)   VS   Attire's Attic RM49

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