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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1 1 6 (updated on 23rd April 2011)

Ladies Fashion RM40   VS   Attire's Attic RM47

Marshmallow Grenade RM25   VS   My Pandora Box RM32

Similar but not the same:

Hide & Chic RM36   VS   The Attire's Attic RM39

Might be the same thing as above:

Ladies Fashion RM18   VS   Phat Culture RM43 (credits to Miss SY)   VS   The Pretty Wardrobe RM39 (updated on 23rd April 2011)


  1. for the 3rd pic (of the dress), Ladies Fashion also has them for RM18

  2. Hi babe, Phat Culture is also selling the dress in the third picture for RM43 :)