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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hairy Harry

Everybody have hair they want to get rid of. Be it in the armpits, legs, arms, genitalia - where ever society deems unsavory for hair to be seen, we will get rid of it.

I'm no stranger to tweezing, shaving, waxing and even sand-papering, but each of these methods are either time or money consuming. The hairs on my body grow fairly quickly - if I shave or sand-paper in the morning, the hairs will start showing at night. If I were to wax, it will cost me a bomb as I have to wax pretty often. Tweezing? It takes hours!

It was only recently that I heard of epilators. This instrument is seriously divine! From the online reviews, i saw that there were many pros for epilating:
1. The hairs that regrows are lesser and finer
2. It takes a longer time for the hairs to regrow after epilating
3. It is fast and easy

However, there were also a few cons which made me hesitate at first:
1. High risk of ingrown hair
2. Some reviewers said it hurts like hell
3. Is not effective because it cannot give you a clean hairless area, you still have to use other methods of hair removal afterwards

After hesitating for a month or two, I finally decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Right here, I would like to share with you the few types of epilators that are available in Malaysia. Too few, I might add.
1. Philips or Panasonic brand epilators in Aeon Outlets
2. Remington Silky Smooth epilator or Emjoi Optimini Epilator from Supermodel Secrets
3. Epilators from Nail Fiesta
4. Various epilators from Amazon 

Yes, they seem expensive as their price ranges from RM120-RM200+. However, if you calculate the amount of money and time u spend on other hair removal methods, an epilator is considerably cheap! And even cheaper if you can get your friends who are overseas to buy for you.

I got a Phillips epilator from AEON

I love it! I wish I've known about this device earlier. I use it on my legs once or twice a week for the past two months and the hairs that grow back are finer and lesser. No problem regarding ingrown hair yet. I researched online and many epilator companies advice to move the device against the direction of hair growth and scrub regularly to avoid ingrown hair. It also doesnt hurt but this may be because I have waxed before. If you are a waxing virgin, try shaving the area first and epilate after a few days. It will help reduce the pain. Ah, this device is divine! I recommend it for anyone who wants to try a different method of hair removal. 

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